Gamme des 3 A de Saint Jean d'Aumières

The three ‘A’: the new range of wines Saint Jean d’Aumières

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A new range of wines, the three ‘A’, appears in 2018 to show the coherence within Saint Jean d’Aumières’ wines and to satisfy even better the tastes of consumers.
This renewal reflects the beautiful dynamics of the project of Vianney and Emilie, the owners of the estate. The emblematic letter of the domain, the A for Aumières, has become obvious to sign this new range.
The label, elegant and sober, wears the initial letter A: tapered and flocked with an almost coppery gilding on a white paper. Paper and typography refer to the world of great perfumes.
On the wine juice side, the team, made up of oenologists, the manager of the domain and Vianney Castan, meticulously selected the blends, the plots of the domain and the winemaking techniques. These 3 wines express the Larzac terroir  according to the characteristics of the origins of each wine.

The three ‘A’ of Saint Jean d’Aumières in focus

L'arnacoeur de Saint Jean d'Aumières

The rosé, l’Arnacoeur!

Pays d’Oc IGP 60% Cinsault 35% Grenache 5% Syrah
A rosé all in length and concentration with Cinsault – aromatic, elegant and floral-, Grenache, more persistent or even exuberant and a hint of Syrah.
A slender bottle with a lively, circular and extra-flat stitch that enhances its thick glass sole. A dress marked by the sweetness of a peachy pink color, which expresses the concentration of flavors.
His name? In reference to the film Arnacoeur, French film of 2010 with Romain Duris and Vanessa Paradis-, in which the hero is a seducer who reveals the love and the feelings… exactly, this rosé seduces, touches the heart. Let’s rediscover the rosé!
Read the technical sheet to find out more… 

L’autodidacte, a white blend 100% Viognier

What characterizes in general a wine 100% viognier, it is the aromatic roundness and the ‘fatness’ or richness in mouth. ‘L’autodidacte‘ from Saint Jean d’Aumières is not a ‘conventional ‘ viognier. The altitude of the plots of land of Saint Jean d’Aumières, gives it more freshness and its aromatic notes are on the floral, white-fleshed fruits, while more traditionally, the apricot characterizes the viogniers of Languedoc.
Viogniers lovers will be seduced by this atypical expression, specific to the terroir of the Saint Jean d’Aumières estate. Those who do not like the viognier in general, will be surprised by this pleasant, digestible and floral wine.
Read the technical sheet to find out more… 

L'affranchi de Saint Jean d'Aumières

L’affranchi, a red AOP Languedoc that expresses the terroir

This wine has a beautiful fruity and fresh taste in the palate, free from its woody touches, to enhance ripe fruit and toasty notes. A first very beautiful wine, resulting from a blend of 40% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 20% Carignan for a delicate nose and a silky mouth. As for the aesthetics of the bottle, the classic format of Burgundy wines is elegantly reinterpreted with the conical bottle, pleasant and functional, to convey a feeling of modernity and dynamism.
Read the technical sheet to find out more…