A domaine rich in history

statue dame et enfant

The history of a legacy

In the mid-18th century, Mas d’Aumières was a country home belonging to Jean Baptiste Claparède, Royal Prosecutor in Gignac. Claparède later became Public Prosecutor after the Revolution. Whilst his eldest son followed his father into a legal career, his youngest son, Marie Michel Claparède, enlisted in a battalion of volunteers in Hérault in 1793. He stood out for his intelligence and good education and he quickly rose through the ranks of the Army. In 1802, he was made General in the Napoleon armies and fought in prestigious battles such as Austerlitz, Iéna, Wagram, Moscova, Bérézina and Dresde. He was highly decorated, received the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour and became Comte d’Empire and Pair de France.

The metamorphosis

We then lose trace of the domaine and its successive owners. There are only records of a few key dates including the domaine’s acquisition in 1914 by a nurse from Montpellier and its transformation from private residence to wine estate by its owner in the 1970’s.

In 2012, Vianney Castan and his family purchased the domaine and gave it a new lease of life. With the support of a dedicated team, they are committed to producing fine wines that reflect the Terrasses du Larzac terroir using methods that are in harmony with nature.

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