Our wines

The spirit of our wines


The union of man and nature

Producing an exceptional wine involves drawing the very best from the land and nature and then transforming and enhancing it. The skills, choices and expertise of man are equally as important as the quality of the terroir.

Our priority at Château Saint Jean d’Aumières is to ensure that we work in harmony with nature. Rather than following strict rules and certifications which can prove counterproductive, we believe in a sustainable approach to viticulture in which we prioritize simple rules handed down by our ancestors, such as treating the vines at night when the bees are back in their hives!

Saint Jean d’Aumières sleeps in the day and works at night when harvest time comes. We harvest at night in order to make the most of the cool temperatures from the Causse limestone plateau which help to preserve the freshness in the grapes and protect the juices from oxydation. This is an essential factor in the quality of our wines.

A preserved ecosystem

The domaine enjoys a rich biodiversity as a result of our “respectful” approach to nature. There is much more than just vines at Saint Jean d’Aumières! We have sown a wide variety of flowers in our uncultivated fields and lots of small animals are attracted by our preserved environment. Hunting is prohibited on the majority of the domaine and it is therefore used as a refuge by small game. We often come across hare, partridge and pheasant during the hunting season! We have even seen the reappearance of the green lizard on the domaine despite its increasing rarity in the region.