The terroir

The Terroir


One of the world’s finest terroirs…

Château Saint Jean d’Aumières lies in the heart of the prestigious Terrasses du Larzac.

This new AOP (PDO) was created in June 2014, although the Terrasses du Larzac has long been renowned for the quality of its wines. Vines were cultivated here as far back as Roman times as well as by the Benedectine monks from the abbeys of Aniane and Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert at the turn of the 9th century.

This small terroir is considered to be one of the best in the world by Robert Mondavi himself (who tried in vain to acquire a part of it at the start of the last decade). The terroir’s dedicated winemakers produce exceptional quality wines capable of competing with the finest wines in the world.

We grow Syrah, Grenache Noir, Cinsault and Mourvèdre here, as well as the emblematic Carignan, a typical Languedoc varietal, which is often overlooked in terms of quality.

Protected by the Causse limestone plateau

The Terrasses du Larzac is unique in that it combines an ideal, warm Mediterranean climate with altitudes of up to 900 metres. Situated on the south and southeast hillsides of the Larzac plateau, the vineyards are protected from northerly winds and benefit from plenty of sunlight during the day. At nighttime, cool temperatures from the Causse (high limestone plateaus) cause significant variations in temperature which enable the grapes to ripen slowly.

The soils in the appellation are very varied yet share some common geological factors. From the rocky clay-limestone soils of Hérault to the red rocks known as “ruffes” in the Lodévois, we find poor, well-drained soils that provide ideal conditions for the development of the vine. This is the case at Château Saint Jean d’Aumières as it lies on the yellow marls of Gignac and clay-limestone terraces partly covered with smooth pebbles which provide excellent conditions for soil drainage.