Les Marnes


This wine, made exclusively from Cabernet Sauvignon, combines varietal character and expression of the terroir. The complex bouquet reveals aromas of dark berries combined with hints of bell peppers and vanilla. The palate is full and powerful, the tannins are melted, leaving a pleasant sensation of velvety smoothness.


Château Saint Jean d’Aumières is located in the heart of the prestigious Terrasses du Larzac. The vine has been cultivated here since ancient times by the Romans, then by the Benedictine monks who founded the abbeys of Aniane and Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert at the turn of the 9th century.



Lying at the bottom of the Larzac foothills, the Château Saint Jean d’Aumières vineyards overlook the Hérault Valley where the cooler temperatures during the summer nights help the tannins in the grapes to fully ripen. The yellow marls are characteristic of the Château Saint Jean d’Aumières terroir. The Cabernet-Sauvignon takes root there and expresses itself through great aromatic complexity.



After complete de-stemming, the vinification is temperature controlled with a gentle extraction using pumping over and rack and return operations. To hone the suppleness of the tannins, this wine then undergoes a partial blending in barrels.