« When our first daughter Zoé was born in 2012, we felt the need to leave our mark and write our family story. We needed land. We needed to touch this Stone, this witness of the passing on of legacies ».



We have now achieved this with our family home.

It is our cocoon where everyone is welcome. It is a haven of peace surrounded by 30 hectares of vineyards.

The children play outside and build their dens. “The land is noble and it’s clean. Our friends feel like they are on vacation when they are here and we are always happy to have them.”

Emilie loves this country home spirit. “I like the idea of living in a community. We put on big meals at harvest time and the house is very welcoming. On weekends with the family or summer evenings with friends, there is a great deal of running around, playing, eating, drinking…It’s always so full of life.”


By reconnecting with the Land, Emilie and Vianney have created the starting point of their legacy.

The Castans respect their values and put all their blood, sweat and tears into their work, each day, so that the legacy of their passion will live on beyond their generation. They do it with single-minded determination, out of love for wine, out of love for the grapes.

Tomorrow matters more than today.

The story of the terroir will be written anyway. The quality of tomorrow’s wines will testify to the work carried out today. So, the Castan family provides the energy and does its very best to ensure that the Land does too.