The chateau


“We dreamed of owning a wine domaine. So we worked and we worked hard. For 12 years. And then, in 2012, this opportunity came up and we knew that this was where we would write our story, as a family.

We have made Château Saint-Jean d’Aumières our home.”



With Saint-Jean d’Aumières, the Castan name is returning to its winegrowing roots.

I didn’t grow up with my grandfather, nor my great-grandfather. I didn’t grow up in the vineyards, but I heard the story of these men from my father“, recalls Vianney Castan. Today, this family, which had to give up its vines in the 70s, is making a comeback.

The new generation did not inherit this land, it decided to set up here because it believed in its future.

The story can begin anew

I have the feeling of having accomplished something“, admits Vianney.       It was a decision that resulted in the fulfilment of a dream of reviving the tradition of passing on land.

With Saint-Jean d’Aumières, the Castans have made a name for themselves. A name for being people of the land, a name for being producers of fine wines.

With the domaine, the second chapter is being written.

We are building a legacy to pass on to the next generation, allowing it the opportunity to perpetuate this story which has only just begun.