“A story that is being written with a focus on excellence. A single desire: to render the Terrasses du Larzac terroir even more beautiful.”


A terroir with unique properties resulting in wines with a distinctive signature

Gignac, in the Hérault. Located south of the Terrasses, this terroir of Aniane is one of the hottest parts of the region. The wines it produces are more concentrated, more tannic and meatier.

“And it’s a good thing too because these are the type of wines we like. What our vines produce suits our tastes perfectly. Before buying the domaine, we tasted the wine and realised its potential, which has since been confirmed. The quality of the wines is fabulous.”


The Castan approach is to cultivate the vine using “winegrower’s common sense”.

The Castans know that “that which you give the vine, the vine gives back to you“. Vianney is mindful of the environment and the climate. “We don’t improvise. Our job is to make wine. We are, above all, people of the land and we work this land. We want to make quality wine but we also want to respect the environment. If we have to change our growing methods to the detriment of quality, then this is not a solution. We follow the TERRA VITIS specifications for sustainable agriculture, which allows us to respect the environment, without foregoing certain treatments. Nowadays, sustainable growing is more flexible. It guarantees us greater success.”

They know how to cultivate the vine in balance with nature.